Drive Clear

Restoring the Victims

We at Drive Clear believe it is wrong for someone who has been injured by a drunk driver to have to choose between their own well-being and their financial security. Too often, the victims of drunk driving are saddled with enormous financial obligations and fail to get the support they need. After medical expenses, the cost of disability resources, or the money it takes to replace a vehicle, someone could be financially ruined simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

We want to make sure that never happens. By setting up a recovery campaign, a person can share their story, help bring attention to their needs, and encourage family, friends, or anyone to send a donation. And unlike other fundraising sites, we do not charge any fees, which means 100% of your donation goes to the person in need. This means every dollar raised gives a person more time to focus on what truly matters: their recovery.

Prevention Initiative

Until now, if someone wanted to be absolutely sure that they got home safely, they would have to either avoid drinking or have a designated driver. And while these are good options, they're not always realistic. What we want to do is to provide a way for anyone to ensure that they are both safe and legal to drive no matter what the circumstances. We want to give people the power to truly take responsibility of their safety.

To do this, we have partnered with BACtrack to try to get their high-tech breathalyzers into as many hands as possible. These breathalyzers not only allow people to make sure that they are safe to get behind the wheel but will also help people learn their limits when using alcohol. Ultimately, it is our goal to make the use of these breathalyzers as synonymous with safety as putting on a seatbelt. If we can do that, we can make the roads a safer place, and that will save lives.

So please donate! Whether you're supporting a recovery campaign or our prevention initiative, you can be sure that your donation is making a difference.

"I started Drive Clear to accomplish two goals: to prevent drunk driving and to restore its victims."

– Jimmy Anderson, Founder and
   President of Drive Clear

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